25 Random Things About Me (from Facebook)

Just thought it would be fun to share 25 Random Facts about myself:

1.       I am a foodie.  I read cookbooks from cover to cover like they are novels.  I go to bookstores just to read cookbooks.  I would love to go on a culinary tour of the world!

2.       I like to sing, but I’d NEVER claim my skills are worth public consumption.  However, my husband and I were asked to sing 2 songs at his coworkers wedding when we lived in N.C.  Imagine…a rural NC wedding…with 2 filipinos singing country songs….it was a very Napoleon Dynamite experience.

3.       Eating raw carrots or “hairy” fruits (kiwi, peaches…) sometimes make my tongue itch and lips swell.

4.       Ever since I was a kid I’ve had a recurring dream where it is the end of the world and I am one of the leaders of a resistance against aliens or some evil force.  So when 2012 rolls around, give me a call, I’ll know what to do.

5.       I believe in Disney magic.

6.       I was pre-med in college, but realized my true passion was education.  Funny enough, on a career test in college I scored higher for teaching than medicine, but the job that I received an overwhelming score for was….dietitian (Hence, #1?).  Maybe I’m in the wrong field…

7.       I get paid to play with technology and to teach teachers and students how to incorporate fun tech stuff into their instruction…blogs, wikis, podcasts, ipods, interactive whiteboards, response devices, etc.  Unfortunately, I also get paid to manage technology including hundreds and hundreds of desktops and laptops, the network…. 

8.       At least 4 times during 1998, I was randomly stopped by strangers in various situations where they asked if I was on TV or something.  It must have been a great hair and makeup year.  Unfortunately, the only comments I get from strangers now is “You look tired.” Or “Are you not feeling well?”

9.       I have a crush on Superman-in all forms:  Christopher Reeve, Dean Cain, Brandon Routh, 2-D comic book drawing…I don’t discriminate.

10.   My youngest daughter was not delivered by a doctor, …but by me, my husband, a rookie L&D nurse and a nervous charge nurse….

11.   I love doing yard work.  I doodle ideas for landscaping designs when I’m bored.  I take almost daily trips to peruse through garden centers as soon as it gets warm.  Maybe one day I will be able to afford bringing the ideas to fruition. 

12.   I have no patience for waiting.  When something is taking longer than it should I go postal.

13.   I can have a long discussion about the gender of numbers…everyone knows 1, 4, and 7 are male right?

14.   I learned how to drive on a huge conversion van.

15.   I can play piano thanks to a teacher named Rachel (my mom swapped Herbalife for lessons).  I can play guitar thanks to YouTube.  I can play drums (barely) thanks to Edward.

16.   If America’s Best Dance Crew existed in 1992, I would have auditioned for it.

17.   I broke my foot in college trying to breakdance (those darn Converse!).  Consequently, I had the privilege of being chauffeured around grounds by the van for the disabled…a few of my friends got to experience the full service ride to class with me.

18.   I take my kids wherever I go 98% of the time.  I even took them to a Gwen Stefani/Akon concert when they were 5 and 2.  They liked Akon better…and they outlasted me at the concert. 

19.   If Yankee Candle came out with the scent “Fried Garlic”, I’d buy it.

20.   For a short while, I used to do the news for my college radio station.  Not many people knew I did this because I did the 6-7AM news drives…who in college is awake before 10 AM?

21.   I’ve always wanted to move to the south, preferably a small town like Andy Griffith’s Mayberry…with a Target.

22.   I misplace my eyeglasses at least once a day.  My family and my entire school are very used to helping me find them. 

23.   I love warm/hot weather…especially that blast of humid, hot air you feel when you get into  your car on a hot July day.  Tank tops, shorts, and flip flops make up my ideal outfit.  For the past 9 years I’ve lived no more than 15 min from the beach (not via interstate) and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

24.   I love musical theater and would love to be in the chorus of a musical-you know, the ones who come out and sing the chorus while at the same time changing the set…yes!

25.   I am sooooo a morning person.  The world seems so rested and tranquil at that time.  If I could, I’d eat breakfast outside in the crisp air every morning.


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