Valentine cards from the heart

I recently hosted a post holiday party with some long-time girlfriends and it was so fun!  I’m sure you all have girlfriends that you maybe see and talk with only once a year, but know you will have them in your life forever.  Sometimes friends grow apart.  Sometimes you keep them in your lives because when you are together, there is something amazing and familiar between you all that you don’t get from your current social circle of close friends.  Anyway, I think it is important to make time for everyone in your life who you deem “forever friends”, even if once a year.

We decided our theme would be a “pre-Valentine’s” party since we are pretty much over the Christmas/New Year’s season.   As a response to the recent hard economic times, we decided to potluck and do crafts with the kids (instead of purchase holiday gifts…however, everyone broke the rule and gave small gifts from the dollar store so the kids could open “something”).  We wanted to have the kids make Valentine cards, so everyone brought whatever crafty Valentine material they may have.  So after our dinner, we had the kitchen table covered in scraps of scrapbook paper, glitter glue, markers, crayons, stickers, and tissue paper.  One of my friends showed us how to crumple tissue paper to make little decorative touches and hearts on our cards…it looked like little rose buds!  The kids eventually left the table early, but the mom’s had a great time making a whole stack of cards. 


It was funny because each of our Valentine cards totally matched our personalities.  There were ultra conservative ones, extremely romantic ones, hip and quirky ones.  We had a great time. 

You should plan your own Valentine card making party with your girlfriends =)


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