Happy 2009! Time for resolutions…

I know I know….resolutions never work out.   We all like making them, but the energy to stand by them dissipates after the first few weeks of January.  However, I always get the excited about the thought of hitting the “reset” button and trying to start anew…not that what I was doing before was wrong.  With the new year comes a time for renewal…just like spring cleaning.  Anyhoo, I was thinking of what would be my needed mental shift or mantra for this upcoming year.  My sister told me I’m always complaining about things I want to do and claim that something is always standing in my way (who doesn’t point the finger?  heahea!).  Maybe I’M the one who is in my way eh?  So here it is:  “2009:  What the hell is stopping me?”  

I know strange.  But I think I’ll say it to myself next time I want to try or pursue something, from trivial to paramount.  Maybe it’ll help me get some things done!  What’s your new mantra?


One thought on “Happy 2009! Time for resolutions…

  1. Yes I agree, New Years Resolutions hardly ever work out as planned. I prefer making daily resolutions. When we start small and gradually work on our daily goals, we can accomplish more as time goes by. Baby-steps are essential to achieving anything worthwhile.


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