California Part IV: San Diego

Our first stop in San Diego was in Old Town San Diego.  We wanted to eat some authentic Mexican food that was fresh and delicious.  In L.A. we bought some tacos from one of those Mexican street trucks…they were the BEST tacos we had ever tasted, but we thought we shouldn’t risk the family of hepatitis!  j/j!  In Old Town we ate at the Old Town Mexican Cafe.  We knew we were in the right spot when we saw flour and corn tortillas being prepared fresh in the front window:


We ordered chicken mole, carnitas, and carne asada.  My favorite dish was the polzone soup:  stewed pork with hominy, oregano, cumin, cilantro, and lime…yummy! 


My kids of course ate nuggets.  However, the absolutely devoured the basket of fresh homemade corn and flour tortillas.  The flour tortillas were so light and airy…like a crepe.  They make the usual tortillas I buy in a plastic bag taste like rubber! 

Old Town San Diego has a lot of great shops.  We purchased Mexican jumping beans (which are actually the larva of a type of moth) for under $2.  The kids love them!  They can get quite loud however.  It may be late at night and you’ll be wondering if someone is popping popcorn or whether it is raining.  There are tons of trinkets and items from Mexico.  I did see MANY luchador masks for $15.  It reminded me of Nacho Libre and I was VERY tempted to make a purchase.  However, I opted for a handcrafted tile instead. 

One highlight for the kids was the free walkthrough of La Casa de Estudillo.  It wasn’t until after we visited that I had found this website which explained ghost sitings at the house…eek!  We didn’t notice anything odd and had a great time! 



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