California Part III: Disneyland


I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Disney World during Christmas time.  The Disney Christmas parade is my “must watch” on Christmas (I know…I’m a Disney nerd!).  However, finances and lack of leave time from work has gotten in the way of going to Disney at Christmas…so this was my only chance!  Definitely get your tickets in advance….they are CHEAPER!  A HiltonHonors account option is to get the tix in advance, but I didn’t have the foresight.  I tried to purchase at the hotel (Hilton Garden Inn), but they were SOLD OUT =(.  I asked if we could try to get some from another Hilton hotel (Embassy Suites and Hampton Inn were in the same parking lot), but I wasn’t allowed to because I wasn’t staying at those hotels.  The hotel was about 1 mile from the entrance to Disneyland.  Walking is possible…but I wouldn’t advise it if you have children.  There is a shuttle, but it costs $4 per person. 

This was my first visit to Disneyland as I grew up a Disney World child.  Everyone told me I would be disappointed, but I tried to have an open mind!  I was very shocked to see that you could walk straight into Disneyland…and that when you got in the 3 attractions (Disneyland, California Adventure, Downtown Disney) were all right next to each other (it was a matter of walking to the right, left, etc.).  Aside from Sleeping Beauty’s castle being rather small, here are other things I noticed:

It was MUCH quicker to get from one land to the next.

Go to Pixie Hollow first (near the Matterhorn)…due to the popularity of the Tinkerbell movie, the wait could run from 1-2 hours!  We got to peak into the blades of grass and catch a glimpse of Silvermist and Tinkerbell.

Go to Innoventions in Tomorrowland and try the aging machines….it’s funny to put your kids in it and see the results.   However you may cry when you see your own!  yikes!

It’s a Small World is open!!!!!  Did we get to do it? No!  The line was INSANE!!!  We attempted to get in line after the fireworks since we thought it would be shorter.  It was shorter, but my kids were so cranky and tired at that time of night.

Sit/stand in the center circle in front of the castle for the fireworks.  The  show is WONDERFUL!  Don’t miss it.  Watching the fireworks to holiday music gets you in the spirit.  At the end, snow machines on the lampposts shoot out I think soap flakes to the song “White Christmas”.  For a few moments the crowd is very quiet and serene.  It’s amazing!


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