California Part II: Pasadena

I stayed at the Hilton Pasadena which is just a block from the really nice downtown shopping center Paseo Colorado.  The Hilton was a really nice deal for my family.  I booked it through my HiltonHonors account which I’m still testing whether or not I’ll actually benefit from it.  The true test is when I try to use their “double dipping” program and use my credits towards airfare to the Philippines.  The hotel had a nice restaurant called Trevos, a little bar, and a Starbucks.  I asked for a fridge and they set one up instantly at no extra charge.  Here is the view from my hotel room (notice the San Gabriel mountains!):

hotel view of Pasadena

The beds and room temp were very comfortable. It took a while for housekeeping to get to my room, but it was very nice to see that they had done a little something extra special for my daughter’s webkinz…notice how we found it:


We ate at the Trevos restaurant every morning out of convenience.  It was very nice…your usual breakfast fare:  made to order omelets, bacon, sausage, pastries, and a fresh fruit bar.  They also had fresh salmon and capers (yum!).  The juice tasted freshly squeezed and the service was excellent.  They were very accomodating to the children…especially if they have allergies!

Paseo Colorado was rather nice to go through…lots of women’s apparel. Rather pricey.  We ate at Islands Fine Burgers and Drinks which was a great place for my family.  The prices were very reasonable and the food was family fare.  There was a brush with a celebrity…we saw teenage girls running to the back to get autographs. In my curiosity I took an unnecessary trip to the restroom towards the back.  However, I didn’t see anyone I recognized…maybe it is my age!

Downtown Pasadena is very active at night…lots of young people hanging out at the numerous bars, lounges, and pubs.  It was very safe.  I regret that I didn’t get to sample some Pinkberry while I was there (darn!).  We didn’t get to go to Old Town Pasadena, but we did eat at a wonderful Chinese restaurant called Oak Tree Inn in South Pasadena…it was amazing!  We had the buffet and they brought about 8 dishes out.  Very delicious!  If you read the reviews, you’ll see it has to be good if “Chinese people are eating there”!  heahea!   The kids loved the tanks of lobsters in the front.  Very clean location.

We also stopped by the Train Exhibit and Expo at the Pasadena Convention Center.  The kids enjoyed seeing the miniature trains, bridges, and even Thomas was there!  I enjoyed that it was FREE!  What is funny is that the fact that it was “free” was a selling point my daughter used to get me to take them there!



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